Jeff Gelblum, M.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Date:               January 1, 2018

Birthplace:     Baltimore, Maryland


1981: Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland Honors Program. Major: Zoology/Journalism

1985: Medical Doctorate, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

1985 - 86: Medical Internship, Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach. Florida

1985 - 89: Residency in Neurology, University of Miami School of Medicine

1988: Chief Resident in Neurology, Jackson Memorial Hospital University of Miami, Miami Veterans Hospital

1989 - 90: Fellow in Neuromuscular Diseases, EMG/NCS

1992 - Present: Private Practice - Miami, FL

2015-2020: Board Member, First Choice Neurology, Inc.

Board Certification:

1990: Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc.

1992: Diplomate American Board of Electrodiagnostlc Medicine, Inc.

2000: Expert Medical Advisor, Florida's Division of Worker's Compensation Claims

2016-2018: Certification -- Florida Physicians Medical Cannabis

Professional Affiliation:

American Medical Association

Dade County Medical Association

Florida Medical Association

American Academy of Neurology

American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine/Science & Technology Board Member

American Society of Neurophysiology Monitoring

American Association for the Study of Headache

American Epilepsy Society

Board Member Neuroscience Consultants, LLP

Attending Staff:

Mount Sinal Medical Center, Miami Beach, FL

Aventura Medical Center, Aventura, FL

Miami Jewish Health Systems, Miami, FL

Prior - Miami Heart Institute, Miami Beach, FL

Prior - Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, PRC

Current Faculty Affiliation:

Senior Neurology Attending - Mount Sinai Medical Center

Senior Neurology Attending - Aventura Medical Center, Miami, FL

Consulting Medical Director - Brucker Biofeedback Center, Miami Jewish Home and Hospital

Prior Faculty Affiliation:

Voluntary Associate Professor of Neurology - University of Miaml School of Medicine

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee - Mount Sinai Medical Center

Institutional Review Board - Mount Sinai Medical Center

Consultant for Neurology:

Activis Pharmaceuticals, Dublin, Ireland

Affiliated Research Centers, Chicago, IL

Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Aliso Viejo, CA

Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc., (PRO), Tampa, FL

Florida Division of Workers Compensation

Gerson Lehrman Group, Austin Texas

International Association Special Investigation Units

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Tokyo

State Farm Mutual, Bloomington, IL

UCB Pharma, Brussels, Belgium

'Un Sourire Pour Espoir', Paris, France


Alzheimer recognition, treatment, long-term care

Anticonvulsant Applications

Migraine/Pain management

Research Activities:

Principal Investigator:

Neurontin STEPS - Parke-Davis - Top Recruiter

Alnatidine Migraine Study - Janssen

Topamax Epilepsy Study - Ortho-McNeil

Memantine Neuropathy Study - Nerobiology Technology, Inc/Mertz

Lamictal HIV Neuropathy Study - Glaxo - Top Recruiter

Lamictal Monotherapy Epilepsy Study - Glaxo

Neurontin Diabetic Neuropathy - Pfizer

Carisbamate Epilepsy Study - Johnson and Johnson

Sumatrlptan/Naproxen Migraine Responders - GSK

Epilepsy Treatment in the Emergency Dept - UCB Pharma

Lyrica HIV Neuropathy - Pfizer

Axona Treatment for Alzheimer's -- Accera Pharmaceuticals


"Intern of the Year" - Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, FL

 "Young Founder" - Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, FL


Gelblum, JB, Et al. Effects of nasal Insufflation of could oxygen on pulmonary artery Resistance in humans. International Hypoxia. Symposium. ,Banff. Canada, 1985.

Gelblum, JB Et al. Cerebrospinal fluid characteristics in AIDS. Archives of AIDS research 2 (1),33-41, 1988.

Gelblum, JB, Et at. Choreoarthetosis following surgery for congenital heart disease. American Neurologic ASSOCiation, Movement Disorders Section. New Orleans, 1989.

Gelblum, JB., Difini, J., Ayyar, DR. Selective involvement of the dorsal cutaneous nerve of the hand. American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine Chicago, 1990.

Gelblum, JB., Et al. The use of surface EMG in the diagnosis and treatment of nerve and muscle disorder. Muscle and Nerve. 19 (3), 392-395, 1995.

Gelblum, JB., Et al. Dynamic electromyography In gait and motion analysis. Muscle and Nerve. 19 (3),1996.

Gelblum, JB., Et al. How to detect excessive electrodiagnostic testing. Insurance Fraud Alert. Summit G. 9-11. 1996

Gelblum, JB., Et at. Advances in the treatment of pain: Role of anti convulsants. Southern Clinical Neuro Society, 57-67. 1999.

Gelblum, JB., Et al. Barriers to diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's: World Alzheimer's Association.

Gelblum, JB., Et al. Role of Glutamate Antagonism: Memantine. Experimental and Clinical Applications. Dekkar. Amsterdam. 20(13

Gelblum, JB., Et al. Controlling chronic non-malignant pain. Medical crossfire. 3:9, September 2001

Emergency Department of Utilization of Anticonvulsants. Poster Presentation. AES December 2007

Gelblum, JB, Et al. Long Term Use of Capyrillic Acid for Management of Alzheimer's Disease. Dove Press 2013

Gelblum JB, Kuritsky, et. al. Diagnosing and treating neurogenic orthostatic hypotension in primary care. Taylor & Francis Online, June 2015

Journal Peer Review Work:

Headache: The Journal of head and face pain: Evaluating HIV patients with headaches; November 2000.

International Educational Lectures:

Beijing, PRC - Anticonvulsant Mechanisms; October, 1994 -1995

Ixtapa, Mexico - Phamacotherapies of Pain Management - Anticonvulsant and Antidepressant Drug Program - January 1997

Montreal, Canada - Stating-based lipid Reduction Therapy in Stroke Prevention March 1998

Curaco, NA - Clinical Applications of Neuronal Stabilization - January 1999

Taiwan, ROC - Neuropathic Pain Treatments - Role of Anticonvulsants - August 2000

Hua lien, ROC - Epilepsy Management in Adults - August 2000

Singapore - Pain Management In Neurologic Conditions - August 2000

St Lucla, WI - Emerging Anticonvulsants - November 2000

Sebu, Philippines -Stroke Risk Control -Winter 2001

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Epilepsy and Alzheimer Pharmacology - March 2001

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Society of Neurophysiology - Current Treatments in Multiple Sclerosis - August 2003

Aruba. N.A. - Neurology Society - Understanding and Expanding Dementia Treatment March 2005

Trinidad - Neurology Society - Dementia Pharmacotherapy - April 2005

San Juan, Puerto Rico Keynote Speaker - IX Annual Congress of Neurophysiology - Pharmacotherapy of Dementia - June 2005

San Juan, Puerto Rico - CME Presentation -IX Annual Congress of Neurophysiology Understanding Neuropathic Pain - June 2003

Miami, FL - Keynote Speaker for Annual Caribbean Pain Symposium. - November 2005

Barbados, WI - Advances in the Treatment of Neurologic Pain Syndrome - Jan 2006

Continuing Medical Education Presentations: (Greater than 200 Presentations Nationwide)

Program Director - CME courses on "Emerging Applications of Anticonvulsants" Mount Sinai Medical Center

Program Director - CME courses on "Contemporary Migraine Treatment"

Anticonvulsants in Pain Management - Dosing to Effect

Anticonvulsants for Mood Disorders of the Neurologically Impaired

Epileptic seizures - Pharmacologic Protocols

Dementia Treatment Algorithms - Medication Interventions

Alzheimer's Recognition in Primary Care and Psychiatry

Migraine Diagnosis and Treatment Cox -II Inhibition in Neurologic and Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders

Anti-platelet Therapy in Stroke

Lipid Reduction Drugs in Cerebrovascular Previmtion

Electrodiagnostic Assessment of Peripheral Nerve Injury

Depression in Neurodegenerative Disorders - Modern Pharmacology

Seizure Management In Primary Care - Georgia Academy Family Practice

Behavioral Disturbances of Dementia - Pharmedica Symposium, 2002

Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA - Vascular Dementia Update - March 2005

Faculty Harvard University, Joslin Diabetes Institute. Neur('pathlc Pain Treatment, August

Nova Southeast College of Medicine: "Update of Neurological Pain". Jan 2006

St. Joseph Hospital/Baltimore, MD: "Neuropathic Pain". February, 2006

Bethesda Naval Hospital: Geriatric Seizure Management. February 2006

Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. Neurologic Basis of Pain. February 2006

Neuropathic Pain Video CMA. New York, NY. October 2006

Neuroscience Update. Mississippi Gulf Coast Medical Association. March 2007

Barry University Podiatric Pain Symposium. October 2007

Palm Beach Neuroscience CME Program. October 2007

American College Emergency Physicians. Seattle, WA. Epilepsy Emergencies at Sea, Oct

Neurologic Disorders In the Elderly, 3rd Annual Conference. Palm Beach, FL Oct 2007

Fibromyalgia Treatment in the Neurology Clinic. PrimeMed. Ft. Lauderdale. Feb 2008

Pri-Med National CME Developer, 2012, 2014: Alzheimer's Disease Treatment

Coordinating Care Between Neurology and Psychiatry in Parkinson's Psychosis: 2016

Community Outreach Programs:

Stroke Prevention through Cholesterol Management Alzheimer's Early Detection and Treatment HIV and Neurological Complications of Pain and Stroke Toxic Drug Interactions In the Elderly Board of Directors: Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Trustee: Dade County Art in Public Places

National Media Presentations:


NBC Network - Diabetic Neuropathy special,1998.

Alzheimer's Satellite Media Tour with Ms, Olympia Dukakis, March 1999.

World Alzheimer's Conference Satellite Media Tour, July 2000.

Fox Network Alzheimer Special: Caring for the Caregiver - February, 2000.

Univision (En Espanol) - Neurological Functions of Human Sexuality, Nov 2000.

Co-Host with Leeza Gibbons Show - LA, California -New Advances in Alzheimer'sTreatment, April 2001.

Satellite Media Tour -Philadelphia, PA - American Academy of Neurology Dementia Recognition, May 2000.

Psych -Link Neurologic panelist - Dementia treatments ,May 2002.

Neurologic consultant to NBC-6 - " Dangers of switching to generic anticonvulsants medications", May 2007.


Local Talk Media:
Drug Management of Pain Nationwide "Wakeup" Interview -Medication Options in Alzheimer's Treatment National Healthtalk -Chicago, Il -November 2000.

Alzheimer's Treatment and Diagnosis American Health Radio Chicago, Il March 2001. Alzheimer's Recognition National Radio Media Tour -April 2001.

Strategies to avoid nursing home placement, Voice of America -April 2001. Alzheimer's Treatment National Radio Media Tour -Stockholm -July 2002.

South Florida Regional spokesman: "Prescription Drug interactions in the Elderly" sponsored by Quigley Corporation, January 2006.

Internet Initiatives:

Founder of Neuroline, Inc.
An emerging global Internet based resource of data acquisition, cross-reference, and retrieval for enhanced recgonition and treatment of neurologic diseases.

Founder of Neuro2go
A former unique cyberspace based Interactive conferencing system enabling health care providers to acquire realtime updates of emerging clinical practices, requiring no private software downloads, registratons, or hardware configurations.

Founder of Neuroblog
A former daily on-line periodical geared toward the lay-public providing timely updates on contemporary neurologic issues and other matters of public interest.